Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

My PSA registered a disappointing and worrisome 2.0. At this juncture my casemanager and Dr Gud E. Nuff have decided to explore the possibility of prostatitis. Proton radiation evidently compromises the immune system in the area treated including the prostate gland, bladder and colon. Consequently a small percentage of us, less than 5 %, experience an infection in one or more of these areas.
Dr Gud E. Nuff prescribed a two week course of the antibiotic "Cipro" to determine whether an infected prostate may be causing the gradual rise in my PSA. After two weeks of medication I will have my PSA retested. If my PSA goes down, it means I had an infection. If it has no effect and/or my PSA continues to rise, it could indicate my problem is far more serious.
On the day I began taking Cipro (prior to my first dosage) another symptom arose, namely, two or three drops of blood appeared in the commode after urinating. My casemanager advised me this could be (1) related to the prostatitis if indeed I have such an infection or (2) neovascularization, i.e., new blood vessels forming in the treated area which tend to rupture easily and slough off.
Based on my PSA pattern and symptoms my casemanager is unable to detemine whether my problem is relatively benign or totally dreadful. Asked directly which outcome is more likely she replied, "Your guess is as good as mine". *
Uncertainty, vagueness and ambiguity associated with a vital quality of life issue. As Dana Carvey would say in his former Saturday Night Live Church Lady routine "Well, isn't that special." Protondon's tumultuous journey continues. Stay tuned.

*In all honesty and more correctly this is a decidedly biased interpretation of her response. In the above paraphrased quote, I attempted to capture the essence of her message. Her actual response was more professional, more technical, more detailed and substantially more diplomatic.

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