Monday, October 29, 2012

The Plot Thickens

I have never seen it stated per se, but in the world of prostate cancer, there appears to be an unwritten rule that goes something like so: A doubling time of one year is about par for the course. The longer the doubling time the better. A doubling time of less twelve months is worrisome indeed.
With this thought in mind I reviewed my PSA history which prompted the following e-mail to my case manager:
Last evening I put a pencil to my PSA history on file at UFPTI. Three pertinent values appear below:
3/11/2011     .8
4/3/2012      2.0
10/8/2012    3.96
From 3/11/2011to 4/3/2012, a period of one year, my PSA more than doubled.
Over the past six months my PSA has (virtually) doubled.
In the past year and a half my PSA has increased five fold.
While my current value of 3.96 seems relatively insignificant, the sharp increases and trendline contribute to my concern.
Any feedback you and Dr Gud E. Nuff care to provide would be appreciated.
I have made progress in my effort to bring additional expertise to my "situation". I have two appointments lined up with mainstream oncologists who as a part of their practice treat prostate cancer, one of whom I have seen on two other occasions, i. e., Dr Trucair.
Not knowing otherwise it would appear that my quality of life is at risk.We will see what the experts have to say. My next journal entry will focus on the feedback of UFPTI and the two other mainstream practitioners.


Dave Williams said...

Hi, if your PSA really went from 0.08 (not 0.8) to 3.96, that is a 50 fold increase.

proton don said...

Thanks Dave! I will enter a correction.