Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh My Gosh; A Glimmer of Hope

Consistent followers of this journal realize my PSA has steadily increased over a two year period. For discussion purposes the results of the past year appear below:
         April             2012           2.0
         July              2012           3.1
         October       2012           3.96
         January       2013           4.7
         March          2013           5.9
         April             2013           7.2
The last entry in the above table represents a treatment benchmark inasmuch as the blood draw occurred in the same week I implemented Dr. Myers' protocol. After following the plan for thirty days or so on May 27th my PSA came in at 5.25. This represents a change in direction and a reduction of nearly two points. Clearly this is a welcome development. Amen and hallelujah!
Oh I know only too well, it is much too early to celebrate. One PSA does not represent a trend. And even if a trend develops there are no guarantees. Even so from a medical standpoint I have had precious little to rejoice about over the past two years. So please understand my inclination to savor the moment.