Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Colonoscopy Surprise Research Completed

Dr. A.N. Swer's response took the edge off my worry and concern. His final words of advice "Don't worry" support the gist of my additional research, a summary of which appears below:
(1)Bob Marckini
"The condition you describe is very common. It is a phenomenon called radiation induced neovascularization. New blood vessels form in the small area of the anterior wall of the rectum... in general it's nothing to be concerened about. The good news is that they intentionally treated a margin around your prostrate. This serves to kill the cancer that is in the margins. This includes any prostate cancer that might have been in the margins. Having an invisible scar is a small price to pay."
The physician who planned and supervised my care at UFPTI responded to a letter outlining my concerns as depicted below:
(A) We refer to the condition you describe as radiation scarring---not damage.
(B) This condition is unlikely to progress.
(C)Be certain not to let anyone biopsy the affected area.
This message was delivered over the phone by his nurse.
(3)An Interactive Proton Radiation Website
This site provided a wide range of reponses. Perhaps the following two were the most relevant and the most diverse:
(A) "Based upon the fact that you were competently counseled based upon prior entries to your blog, and based upon your review and knowledge of the precise relevant passage of Marckini's book, I cannot imagine why you feel justified in saying evidence of radiation damage is a surprise."
(B) "Thanks for your post and your compelling blog which gives a guy like me a glimpse of one patient's real world post-protion treatment ups and downs. "
Case closed. The bottom line is that had I been prepared for the striking difference in the pretreatment/posttreatment colonscopy photographs, there would have been far less handwringing, agony, worry and concern.Hopefully the readers of this journal will be spared these emotions.

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Dave_K said...

Thanks Don. I am watching your situation closely as I may be experiencing the same thing. Time will tell.

Hang in there!