Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hedging My Bet

My PSA came in at an alarming 3.96 which puts it on track to double in one year. As the reader may recall this is the criterion recommended by Dr Gud E. Nuff as the point at which we may wish to reconsider his prescription to watch and wait. I readily agreed to this course of action, because at the time, it seemed to make oh so much sense. The current reading combined with the sharp increase in my PSA trendline over the past year and a half makes the watch and wait option far less attractive.
Rather than sit back, do nothing, or continue to watch and wait, I intend to seek out a bonafide prostate cancer specialist to (1) review and critique my treatment options (2) serve as my technical advisor, and (3) assist me in the decision-making process from this point forward. The vetting process may take awhile; I have three prospects in mind. I could interview all three and choose among them. Or if indicated I could broaden my search. If on the other hand the first candidate appears to be a perfect fit or a reasonable approximation thereof  I may look no further.
In addition, based on my current result and the clearcut steep incline in my PSAs over the past year and a half, I intend to contact UFPTI and raise the following question: From a quality of life standpoint is it in my best interest to continue to watch and wait?

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