Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good News or What??? The Verdict Is In

Thanks to the miracle of modern day medicine and Mayo Clinic's choline scan guru, Dr Qu Ting Edge, I now know the source of my rapidly rising PSA. I have cancer in the upper left quadrant of my prostate. Thankfully also, there is no evidence of metastisis elsewhere; lymph nodes, bones and other body organs absolutely cancer free.
Dr Q. T. surmises the cancer in my prostate is not new. In his judgement the proton beam simply missed its target. He punctuated his opinion with the revelation that this outcome is not at all uncommon.*  Imagine that ....the proton solution is less than perfect.
The problem now becomes what to do, what to do? I am back to square one. This time, however, I have three and a half additional years on this aging, radiated frame to contend with.

*A belated footnote appears to be in order. Subsequent to this entry a representative of UFPTI reacted increduluously to these comments. She explained, "I know how thoroughly we radiate the prostate at this institution. It is highly unlikely that we missed any part of your prostate. In fact we treat a small margin over and beyond the outer edge of the gland." Subsequently I met with another Mayo radiation oncologist who expressed high regard for the accomplishments of Dr Q.T., but who tended to agree with the views of the UFPTI representative.

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