Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Turmoil

This entry marks my one year post treatment anniversary and represents my second good news bad news edition. First the good news. My PSA's for December and March were a reassuring .9 and .8 respectively. Although higher than my October result (.55), these measures are low enough and in the proper direction.

The bad news is my potency has taken a sudden and dramatic downturn. Rather than quantify its severity or explore its implications at this juncture, I prefer to postpone a discussion of this issue until I better understand its etiology. Factors other than proton radiation may be at work. More specifically I turned 74 last month so age is almost certainly a factor. Another factor may be situational. We are Michiganders , but spend our winters in Texas. The tennis courts in our southern abode are within walking distance, and weather permitting, I play two hours of fairly competitive doubles daily. In addition I spend an hour or so in the nearby gym three or four days a week. My summers are subsantially less energy intensive, since playing tennis involves a 60 mile round trip. Nor is there an exercise facility located conveniently nearby.

My wife who claims to know these things believes the situational factor is the primary factor. Time will tell, and we shall see.