Saturday, October 20, 2012

Worrisome Trend Continues

The following letter serves as my current entry:
Dear Dr Gud E. Nuff:
Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for the excellent care you have provided throughout my treatment at UFPTI. I especially appreciate the patience you have shown answering all the questions I raised over the past two and a half years. My latest concern is an upward trend in my PSAs the last three of which appear below:
May .8
August 1.27
October 1.39
Shouldn't my PSAs have leveled out at this point in time? The upward trend is particularly worrisome. Is this concern justified? I would very much appreciate (1) your review of my medical records on file at UFPTI, and (2) your professional assessment of this unexpected rise in my PSA values.
Also as a matter of revelant interest: What does the pattern of a successful outcome look like over , let's say, a five year period? Same question for an unsuccessful outcome? If the answer to these questions depend on the age of the patient, his general health and his disease characteristics use my case as an example.
FYI The contents of this letter will appear as an update to my ongoing internet journal. Your reply will appear as my next entry.
Thanks again for the conscientious care you have provided throughout the course of my treatment.
Don Oberlin

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