Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hormone Therapy Part II

Before Dr Gud E. Nuff replied to my question regarding whether I would  jeopardize my quality of life by delaying the initiation of hormone therapy, I sent him the following "unscientific proposal":
 Let's engage in a clinical trial of one as outlined below:
 1. Begin with a shot or two of lupron to starve, weaken and shrink the 1.1 cm cancerous nodule identified by Mayo Clinic
 2.Kill what remains with  proton radiation at whatever volume it takes as determined  by UFPTI
 3.Reduce the liklihood of a recurrence by adopting a life long regimen of finasteride.
Dr Gud E. Nuff responded to both the inquiry and the proposal by way of a phone call from his nurse assistant who serves in a related capacity as my case manager. In summary UFPTI believes it would be advantageous for me to watch, wait, monitor and reevaluate when and if my PSA doubles within a year..
My case manager and I also discussed my eating style. Through this discussion I learned that she is a vegetarian and ( based on her enthusiasm) a would-be dietician. She suggested my dietary habits  needed a major overhaul.
In brief, I agreed to the advice and counsel of  Dr Gud E. Nuff and his nurse assistant.
I am convinced that it is a matter of time before I will need to adopt some form of hormone therapy. I would like to believe that by delaying this move, I will not only extend the quality of my life, but will add to my longevity as well. I suspect there is some risk involved in walking this tightrope, but it is a calculated risk I willingly accept.
I have begun to modify my diet. The changes include less red meat, less sweets, more fruits, more vegetables and more fiber. To my pleasant surprise I have already lowered my blood pressure which has been borderline high for the past several years. If in the long run I improve my general health and slow the progression of the cancer... well... amen and hallelujah!
For the record: Before I submit to hormone therapy I intend to press the issue of my unscientific proposal a bit further in an attempt to garner a substantative response.

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