Saturday, October 20, 2012

Don't Worry Be Happy

In conjunction with a post treatment followup, I had a telephone conversation with my casemanager. Toward the end of our discussion I expressed my concern in regard to my erratic PSAs and upward trend. Her response appears below:
(1) "Everyone's post treatment PSA pattern is different."
(2) "I see nothing unusual or out-of-line with your PSA history."
(3)" It may take a full three years for your PSA pattern to settle down and/or become less erratic."
(4)"There appears to be a pattern to your PSAs that look to be laboratory related. The results conducted by the laboratory in Texas appear to be lower than those reported by the Michigan laboratory. These differences may be attributable to the differences in equipment and procedures used." (Personal note: the differences in laboratory results may also account for much of the apparent erraticism).
All in all I regard my casemanager's comments and observations as very, very comforting.Her astuteness represents another example of the competent, conscientious care provided by the staff of UFPTI.
It may be time for an attitude adjustment on my part, i.e., Don't Worry Be Happy. Conversely, who knows what conundrum may be lurking around the corner. My next PSA will be conducted in January by a laboratory in Texas. Stay tuned.

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