Friday, January 16, 2009

Treatment Begins

Good news: (1) the diagnostic tests alluded to earlier have been confirmed negative which means the cancer is limited to my prostate, and (2) my treatment has begun. The UFPTI program included a tour of the facility, consequently, I knew what to expect. The initial treatment proceeded flawlessly. My emotional reaction to the procedure, however, caught me by surprise. I experienced a mixture of gratitude, fear, concern and amazement. Underlying these emotions was the knowledge that cutting edge science, modern medical technology and a sophisticated team of highly trained physicians, nurses and support staff had been assembled, in part, to treat a 72 year old man's cancerous prostate in an effort to salvage what remains of his quality of life. A somewhat melancholy and extremely humbling experience for which I am deeply grateful.

The remainder of this journal will be devoted to the treatment process. I will address outcome expectations (prognosis) and side effects as they materialize.


doreena said...

Don, thank you for sharing the good
news about your first treatment.
you are amazing in all your research have brought a new thinking to many and we again thank you.Prayers and thoughts continue friend....
Doreena and Jim too.

CW said...

Your story sounds remarkably similar to my husband’s. Paul was diagnosed in Feb. 2007 with a PSA in the same range as yours. As you did, we did extremely thorough research and ended up at Loma Linda University Medical Center for proton treatment. Here is Paul’s blog:
He is currently almost 20 months post-treatment. His last PSA, taken in September 2008, was 0.4.
Good luck.

Dave Oberlin said...

Hey grandpa! Ive completed most of my homework... I have a profile now and I've read most of the material. Hope everything is still well!

Love David

Mike Thorne said...


Thsnks for the note and info on the deer skinner, I'll check it out. Sorry to hear about your cancer but glad to see you are doing well wiht your treatments.

On another note, if you have another house key will you send me one? I dropped yours while checking the house in a blizzard and cannot find it in the snow.

By the way tell Marylin that the cactus is in full blossom!

Best Regards,

Mike and Stephanie