Friday, January 23, 2009


A physician by the name of Dr. Gud E.Nuff oversees my treatment at UFPTI. He is a radiation oncologist with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Gud E. Nuff's calm, cool, confident and somewhat laid-back demeanor belies the enormous responsibility he shoulders for ensuring the medical well-being of the patients under his care.

Based on the results of the battery of diagnostic tests administered in conjunction with my three day workup, Dr. Gud E. Nuff developed my treatment plan. Currently we meet weekly to discuss my progress. On the three occasions we have met I have managed to focus our discussions on what to expect in the way of outcome over the long term. Here is what I learned; in each of the areas which all prostate cancer patients share a particular concern:

Cure is indicated by low-normal PSA readings and the absence of any biological indications of cancer. Dr. Gud E. Nuff estimated my chances of this type of outcome were in the 85 to 90% range.

Dr.Gud E. Nuff is a glass full kind of guy. He talks in terms of potency not impotence. He advised me not to expect an improvement on this parameter. On the other hand, he reassured me I could expect to leave the treatment center with about the same degree of potency that, "I brought to the table."

"The likelihood of a problem in this respect," Dr. Gud E. Nuff opined, "are negligible, almost zero."

"The chance of a problem in this respect," Dr. Gud E.Nuff estimated, "are less than 8%."

In my estimation I am in gud hands with good prospects.

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