Monday, January 12, 2009

Pretreatment Musings

At least two of the proton treatment centers I contacted provided a list of their former patients who expressed a willingness to discuss their treatment experiences with anyone who might be interested. Since my arrival here at UFPTI I have interacted with a number of proton therapy patients. At a recent luncheon I heard former patients discuss their treatment experiences and outcomes. I have also visited a few web-sites devoted to proton treatment and reviewed the testimonials of dozens of former patients. I have yet to hear an unfavorable comment. Without exception these individuals discuss the process and their outcomes enthusiastically in highly positive, near-reverent terms.

Maybe they exist, I have not researched the matter, but I have yet to see a book, a web-site or a list of patients extolling the virtues of prostatectomy, seed implantation, castration, other forms of external beam radiation or any other treatment modality. I suspect there may be an underlying reason or two.

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