Friday, November 21, 2008


Initial Indications:

My mental and emotional journey began in July of 2008. I had not seen my primary care doctor for three years. I discontinued my annual physicals because it seemed like a waste of every one's time to be found "perfectly healthy" year after year. Due to a severe case of sciatica, however, I scheduled an appointment to determine the cause of my pain and what could be done about it.

In addition to his findings regarding my back my doctor discovered that my PSA had doubled since I had seen him last. On April 4, 2005 my PSA was 1.39. By Aug.29, 2008 it had risen to 3.49. My doctor offered two alternatives. He could refer me to a urologist immediately for consultation, or we could retest in two months and determine an appropriate course of action. My impression based on our discussion was that I need not be overly concerned. After all my PSA was still within normal limits. I chose to wait; however, I began my research.

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Karen said...


I am SO proud of you (and your ever-loyal secretary). I can't believe you did this so easily! You are a great writer, and I am glad to be your first follower. I wish you well, not only on your treatment journey, but on your writing journey as well.

Love, Karen