Thursday, November 20, 2008

Proton Don's Tumultuous Journey


This journal chronicles one man's experience with prostate cancer. It's objectives are threefold. It's primary purpose is to provide useful information to others like me or for those who may follow in my footsteps. I wish also to provide current information to my family and friends who have expressed an interest in being kept up-to-date. And thirdly for those few cyberspace surfers who stumble upon this site, I welcome you aboard. I hope you find the subject matter educational and/or entertaining.

The journey thus far has entailed numerous twists and turns with a great many surprises none of which have been any too pleasant. What the future holds only time will tell. The plan is as follows. While cooling my heels here in Jacksonville Florida, waiting for treatment to begin, I will trace my tumultuous journey through brief statements to be issued once or twice a week.When my treatment begins reports will be issued as the situation develops.


Jacob said...

Very cool Grandpa; I didn't know you were so tech savvy. I'm going to subscribe to the rss feed of this if there is one so I can see it on my google homepage.

william said...

Wild Bill says he agrees with Jacob. I didn't know you were to tech savy. Good luck. Did you ever notice when the Dr checks your prostate he has one hand on each shoulder.