Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Additional Research Results

As my research progressed it became increasingly apparent that of the two alternatives offered by my primary care physician, clearly, I made the wrong choice. The more prudent course of action would have been an immediate referral to a urologist. In retrospect the prospect of a biopsy probably influenced my initial decision.

In any event I learned a rapidly rising PSA is highly indicative of prostate cancer. Exploring the source of my sciatic pain necessitated additional blood work. By September 4, 2008 my PSA had risen to 3.74. By October l,2008 it had risen to 3.97. A distinct pattern had emerged. My PSA was rising at the rate of .20 every four weeks. Combined with the doubling that occurred during the prior three year period, I concluded these elevations met the criterion of a rapidly rising PSA. I expressed my concern to my primary care physician. He agreed. An appointment with a urologist followed shortly thereafter.

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