Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Modern Day Medical Miracle Begins to Look Possible

The favorable trend accelerates. In addition to low and stable PSAs my endorectal MRI (about which I was very concerned) turned out far better than expected. The 1.1 cm cancerous lesion detected by Choline Scan at Mayo Clinic two years ago shrunk 60 to 70 per cent as calculated by  Dr. Myers. "If the tumor continues to respond in this manner," Dr. Myers opined, " it may be undetectable by your next appointment scheduled for October 28, 2015. Should this occur we will be able to remove Casodex from your protocol." For the record Casodex is the only anti-cancer medication on my treatment plan with noticeable adverse side effects.
Dr Myers seemed genuinely pleased with these results. Truth be known, however, I am uncertain whether he was enthused because of the dramatic improvement in my health and general well-being or self-satisfied with his own modern day medical wizardry. An elegant moment none-the-less shared by two elderly Pca warriors, albeit in all likelihood, from somewhat different perspectives.
Time permitted so I raised the breast development issue. "Easily controlled", he replied, "one mg of anastrozole daily. Please be advised," he added, "so-called man boobs are a common occurrence with older males." Upon reflection  I hesitate to add to my long list of prescription drugs. My inclination at this point is to table the matter for further review and deliberation.

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