Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Routine and Favorable Medical Update

A few weeks ago Dr. Myers slightly modified my treatment plan in response to a concern I expressed about a reduction in my potency.* In response, the reader may recall, Dr. Myers lowered my weekly intake of Casodex from three 50mm capsules to two. I am pleased to report this change achieved its goal. In addition my PSAs have remained low and stable as indicated below:
 March    .365
 April      .256
 June       .26
 July        .22
Looming on the horizon are the following two events:
--On October 22 I am scheduled for an endorectal MRI ordered by Dr. Myers to determine the status of the 1.1cm tumor in my prostate identified by Choline Scan at Mayo Clinic two years ago.
--On October 29 I will have my third (annual) appointment with  Dr. Myers.
Stay tuned.

*I also expressed concern about breast development and tenderness. There has been little if any improvement in this respect. Time permitting I intend to discuss this issue with Dr. Myers on October 29.

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