Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hormone Lite

Much to my surprise, chagrin and profound disappointment my last two PSAs reversed course and returned to their upward momentum. Specifically September's result came in at 5.04 and October's at 6.27. Consequently my much anticipated discussion with Dr. Myers developed far differently than planned. Rather than a pleasant , mutually satisfying exchange of opinions as to the effectiveness of the treatment plan, we focused on the need for additional, more powerful medications and their accompanying side effects.
In addition to the medications, supplements and diet plan detailed in my  "A Miracle in the Making?" entry, Dr. Myers added the following two prescriptions:
1. Bicalutimide (Casodex). This drug is thought to suppress cancer by blocking the effect of male hormones particularly testosterone.
The Internet describes numerous side effects for this drug, but Dr. Myers thought my primary risks would be breast tenderness and an increased risk for developing diabetes.
2. Metformin. This drug is a first line treatment for Type II diabetes. It works by suppressing glucose production by the liver. Based on an Internet medical site this drug also "exhibits a strong and consistent antiproliferation action on several cancer cell lines including prostrate cancer cells."
It causes diarrhea in roughly fifty percent of its users.
Dr. Myers referred to the above plan as "Hormone Lite."
Repeat visitors to this journal may recall the first oncologist I consulted following my diagnosis of recurrent cancer prescribed Casodex. I rejected this recommendation based on a limited Internet research effort and on the advice of two trusted advisors whose counsel was subsequently confirmed by oncologist #2.
 Its a strange topsy-turvy world of prostate cancer in which I live. The experts rarely agree and treatment plans too often go awry. At this momentous juncture I am prepared to embrace a treatment plan which a few short  months ago seemed totally unacceptable if not irrational.
In retrospect I owe Dr. Cy Fer a cyberspace, Karma inspired apology for the unkind and presumably unwarranted pseudonym I attached to his persona. So be it!

Addendum: The prescriptions have arrived, and I will begin the revised treatment plan on 11/14/13.

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Don M. said...

Don- very interesting. I'm not taking metaformin. I wonder why. I appreciate the update and your info. Don m.