Saturday, August 31, 2013

Interim Progress Report

Based on PSA values shown below, it would appear Dr. Myers' protocol has arrested the progression of my recurrent prostate cancer:
A. Prior to beginning treatment:
July   2012   3.1
Oct.   2012   3.96
Jan.   2013   4.7
Mar.  2013   7.3
B. Following treatment:
May   2013   5.25 (30 days into the program)
June   2013   5.26
July   2013    4.90
Aug.   2013   4.73(current)
There can be little doubt that Dr. Myers' treatment plan has extended what remains of my 77 year old slightly battered and moderately tattered quality of life. But for the effectiveness of  his plan, I would be in the throes of full blown androgen deprivation therapy. That is the direction in which I was headed.
USFC issued a brochure titled "Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer--A Patient Guide." This publication lists the following possible side effects for this form of treatment: hot flashes, decreased libido, depression, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, breast enlargement, weight gain, hair loss, mild anemia, mental abnormalities, genital shrinkage, abnormal liver function, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Fortunately I have experienced none of these adverse side effects to date.
Barring unforeseen circumstances my next journal entry will be devoted to my six month checkup with Dr. Myers scheduled for October 29th, 2013. I have begun to compile a list of questions in preparation for this meeting which has the potential for producing some interesting discussion.
Stay tuned.

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