Sunday, March 12, 2017

Serendipitous Contacts Transform the Treatment Plan

The following exchange of emails is self explanatory:
To Dr.Myers:
"As per your request, I consulted with a specialist at Univ. of Mich. who performs all of the hospital's prostate cryosugeries. He advised me that his outcomes parallel the national norms as outlined below:
--A cure rate of 50% as indicated by a PSA less than 1.0
--100% erectile dysfunction (the procedure destroys the enabling nerve system)
--5% stress related incontinence
--1% fistula
In a subsequent exchange of emails, a patient of yours and a friend of mine, informed me that he has been on xtandi for nine months. He expressed complete satisfaction with his results to date. His only side effect  is fatigue which he counteracts with a daily nap.
At one point you were prepared to put me on xtandi, but decided otherwise based on the fatigue factor. Although xtandi may not offer the prospect of a cure as does cryosurgery my personal preference would be to initiate what you at one time labeled Hormone Lite (Xtandi). Can we reconsider this option?"
From Dr. Myers:
"Yes, I will send a script".
I implemented the new protocol on March 11.
Stay tuned.

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