Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Disease Progression and Treatment Synopsis

2005 to 2008  PSA  rose from 1.39 ( Apr. 8) to 3.97 ( Sept. 4 )
2008 Diagnosed with PCa. Two cores positive, Gleason 4+3
2009 Completed PBRT at UFPTI on March 11  PSA  dropped to .8. UFPTI reviewed my biopsy slide and agreed with Gleason 4+3 determination
2012  PSA  rose from .8 to 2.59 from May to Oct.; Dr. Kwon of Mayo Clinic  identified a small cancerous lesion in  prostate by Choline Scan. Mayo Clinic reviewed  my biopsy slide and determined my Gleason to be 4+4 
2013  Began Hormone Lite as prescribed by Dr. Charles Myers; see below:
  I. Prescription Drugs
    A. Metformin 500 MG 2 daily. Anti-cancer
    B. Avodart .5 MG 3 a week. Anti-cancer
    C. Casodex 50 MG 3 weekly. Anti-cancer
    D. Zocor 10 MG 1 daily. Anti-cancer
    E. Losartan 50 MG 1 daily. Blood pressure.
 II. Supplements
    A. Pomegranate 1 daily 10 MG. Anti-cancer
    B. Vitamin  B12 1000mcg
    C. Vitamin D3 5000 IU 2 daily. Restore deficiency
    D. Super Bio-Curcumin 400 MG 1 daily. Anti-inflammatory
    E. Optmized Resveratol 250 MG 1 daily. Anti-inflammatory
  III.  Mediterranean Diet
  I.PSAs rose from .077 in Jan. to .18 in Aug. Dr. Myers increased my Casodex  from three times weekly to a daily dosage. PSAs returned to their former lower levels.
  II. Endorectal MRI at VCU; 3x5 mm tumor identified
2016  PSAs ascend from .11 in Apr to .49 in Dec. Follow-up endorectal MRI at VCU; tumor more than doubled in size to 10x7 mm .
I have considered several options the past few weeks including Pencil beam PBRT, cyberknife, prostatectomy, brachytherapy, focal beam ablation, cryotherapy , Hi Fu, modified hormone lite, full blown hormone therapy and chemotherapy. The first seven options have been pretty much eliminated each for a different reason. More recently an advisor recommended estrogen therapy which looks promising at least for a temporary period (a year or so?)
Major changes under consideration; too early and too fluid to document.
Stay tuned.

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