Monday, July 25, 2016

A Layman's Mini-Primer on Radiation for Gynecomestia

For  those of you with a special interest in radiation for the treatment of gynecomestia  I thought it may be of value to provide the information contained herein. Some of this material appears in earlier entries; some of it is new.
Let's begin with a common sense criterion for determining the need for treating gynecomestia, i. e.,"when  a guy's  breast size has developed to the point (no pun intended) that he is reluctant to swim in public or exercise bare-chested outdoors."  A compassionate college professor provided this guideline in response to a thread I initiated on an internet PCa site..
The following findings of a research paper captured my attention early on:
" In 2003 Widmark et al conducted the largest randomized trial on use of radiation therapy for prevention of gynecomastia (n=253) and found a reduction of gynecomastia rates from 71% to 28% when radiation therapy was given. For the treatment of existing gynecomastia, radiation therapy resulted in improvement or resolution of gynecomastia in 33% of treated patients, with 39% experiencing improvement or resolution of breast pain."
The following discussion with a Radiation Oncologist played a key role in my determination to proceed with radiation:
Pt.:What kind of outcome can I expect,
RO:--An eighty per cent reduction in the size of your breasts.
       --A temporary reddening of your breast tissue
        --No damage to the heart, lungs or breasts.
Pt: Please address the risk of breast cancer.
RO  The likelihood of causing such a cancer is ten thousand to one, and it would take thirty years to develop.
Pt:  Please explain the science underlying this approach.
RO: It accelerates the cell atrophy process.
Pt: What about underlying heart and lung tissue?
RO: We use only electrons which enables us to control the depth of penetration.
Pt; How long before we will see the results of treatment?
RO: The benefits of treatment should be apparent in four to six weeks. Reduction in pain and sensitivity usually precede the reduction of breast size.

I initiated and completed treatment the week of July 11th..Treatment consisted of three very brief (one or two minute?) exposures.
Thus far the improvements have been quicker and better than expected.
. Stay tuned.

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