Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hormone Lite: Protocol Update and Progress Report

Since initiating treatment with Dr. Myers on November 11, 2013 my protocol has been modified slightly two or three times. My current protocol appears below (the purpose of each component is summarized more fully in earlier entries):
I. Prescription Drugs
 A. Metformin 500 MG 4 daily. Anti-cancer
 B. Avodart .5 MG 3 a week. Anti-cancer
 C. Casodex 50 MG 2 a week. Anti-cancer
 D. Zocor 10 MG 1 daily. Anti-cancer
 E. Losartan 50 MG 1 daily. Blood pressure.
 F. Penoxifylline 400 MG 2 daily.
     Mitigate bladder damage caused by PBRT
II. Supplements
 A. Pomegranate 1 daily 10 MG. Anti-cancer
 B. Vitamin D3 5000 IU 2 daily. Restore deficiency
 C. Super Bio-Curcumin 400 MG 1 daily. Anti-inflammatory
 D, Optmized Resveratol 250 MG 1 daily. Anti-inflammatory
 E, Taco-Sorb 1 daily. Mitigate bladder damage caused by PBRT
III. Mediterranean Diet
In a recent Internet audio-visual presentation Dr. Myers discusses his objective of achieving a complete and durable remission in the treatment of his Pca patients. Dr. Myers defines a complete and durable remission as follows:
--complete recovery of general health
--the cancer is not growing or growing more slowly
--undetectable PSA
--normal testosterone level
Dr. Myers is a survivor of metastatic prostate cancer whose complete and durable remission is in its sixteenth year.
It may be premature but I have begun to think in terms of a complete and durable remission in my case. This possibility is bolstered  in part by (1) a recent meeting with Dr. Myers in which he calculated that my 1.1 cm tumor had shrunk by 60 to 70 per cent and (2) the following sampling of my PSAs:
11/26/13  1.69
12/28/13  .490
3/15/14   . 365
4/15/14    .256
11/14/14  .096
12/6/14    .077
1/2/15      .091
2/5/15      .098
Although I have begun to think more positively about my prognosis, I am painfully aware there are no guarantees in this marathon battle. Stay tuned.


Gee Male said...

I appreciate your blog, thank you very much and the absolute very best.

George Bush said...

Does Dr. Myers require subsequent in person visits or is consultation by phone?