Thursday, May 17, 2012

Double Lucky

My PSA came in at at .83. Trimester by trimester my results tend to parallel Marckini's whose PSAs continued to drop to a nadir in the .4 range. If my PSAs continue to match his, I will consider myself well on the way to recovery thanks to Marckini. And thanks to George Lewis whose national news report called my attention to proton therapy and Marckini's phenomenal book "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer and You Don't Need Surgery to Do it".

We returned to Michigan in mid-April. There has been a major improvement in my potency since our return [and my prior journal entry]. The dramatic downturn was most likely situationally based, i.e. ,due to the increased physical activity I engage in while hiding out in south Texas to avoid Michigan winters. While some degree of permanent degradation may have occurred, it is [1] much less severe than initially reported, [2] managable, [3] less disconcerting and [4] most likely a result of the aging process. If radiation is a factor Dr Good E. Nuff would almost certainly catagorize it as negligible.




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chuckhess said...

I completed my proton xray & treatment from Loma Linda in October 2007. From PSA of 8.4 at time of treatment , my lowest reading was .7 and then .9 then 1.0 and now as of June 13th, 1.3. I am going in for another biopsy July 2nd. I am a little concerned.